Pope again flexes papal muscle to keep tabs on cardinals

Woman gives birth to realize she was pregnant

 Every once in a while, we hear stories about women who didn’t know they were pregnant until really late in the game — sometimes not until they were in labor.

Pr Female teacher who enjoys sex with male students

A prep school math teacher in North Carolina was arrested for having inappropriate sexual contact with three male students, police said.

Leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed, claims Syrian state TV


The leader of ISIS has been killed in an air strike, according to reports from Syrian state TV

Sexless marriage crashes

Cody and Danielle have been dealing with a sexless marriage for 21 days now. So fingers were crossed in the hopes that after their romantic date out for sushi and drinks that they would finally do the deed and just hurry up and fall in love already. 

Judge arrested, led from courthouse in handcuffs

An embattled City Court judge was escorted Monday from judicial chambers in handcuffs.

Mystery creature found in California



A mysterious four-legged creature was spotted by a local resident of La Crescenta, California. The authorities are investigating into the video of the creature shot by the resident.

Wicked! Man arrested for raping mother, tossing baby away to death

 Indian police said Wednesday they have arrested one of three men accused of gang-raping a woman and tossing her baby from a moving autorickshaw, killing the infant.

Recession hits South Africa again


South Africa has fallen into recession for the first time in eight years after economic growth shrank by 0.7% between January and March.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe begins campaigning for next election