17 dead, several wounded in Burkina Faso shooting

At lest 17 people were killed and nine others wounded after assailants attacked a cafe in the West African nation of Burkina Faso Sunday night, according to media reports.

How babywas found dead in home filled with snakes, others

By New York Post

Shocking! How couplewas caught having sex attrade fair

A couple at the Wisconsin State Fair was busted for giving visitors an X-rated show, according to reports.

Dad smiles as 'monster' who raped, killed his daughter is executed

A dad says that he smiled and was filled with “relief and satisfaction” as the pedophile who raped and killed his three-year-old daughter was “pumped full of bullets.”

How woman murdered husband over adultery

A Houston woman shot and killed her husband after finding him with another woman late Tuesday, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.
Police say the woman, 58-year-old Debra Davis, found out her husband was at the southeast Houston home with the woman and confronted him there.

How to avoid sickness: Uganda president hasn't been sick in 31 years

.Advises on secret

By Newsweek

Senegalese vote in election that brought back ex-leader

Voters in Senegal are casting ballots in a legislative election that has brought the country's former longtime leader back to the political scene.

Ex-President Abdoulaye Wade, now 91 years old, has been leading his loyalists' efforts to win seats in Sunday's election.

Woman calls 911 after snake wraps around her head, bites her nose

An Ohio woman has been hospitalized after a boa constrictor she rescued the day before wrapped around her body and latched onto her face, not letting go until emergency responders cut its head off.

Man kills wife for laughing at him

A man was charged Friday, July 28, 2017, with killing his wife aboard a Princess Cruises ship in Alaska, according to federal court documents.

How woman killed her fiance in river

By Reuters

A woman who once reported her fiance missing after his kayak capsized on a frigid Hudson River pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide on Monday, admitting she pulled the plug on his kayak so it would fill with water, prosecutors said.