Bauchi Assembly suspends Council over land allocation

By Ahmed Ahmed

Bauchi State House Assembly on Thursday directed the Bauchi local government council to suspend land allocation in Zugur -Galambi Miri districts of the council.
This followed the presentation of report by the chairman of the public complaints committee, Aminu Mohammed Tukur, which was adopted by the Speaker, Alhaji Kawuwa Shehu Damina.
The house received a complaint from Balan Malan and partners on behalf of Sumaira Fulbe Jiha on encroachment of the land belonging to Fulani settlement in Zungur-Galambi miri district of the council.
Presenting the recommendations by chairman of the committee, Hon. Tukur, representing Lere/Bula constituency, said the committee "As part of its recommendations, the Bauchi Local council should be directed to suspend and reverse the allocation for peaceful co-existence especially when farmers and headers clash is currently consuming so many states.
"As a precautionary meaurrse, the parties should be directed to maintain status quo prior to the commencement of the allocation of land,"
Tukur said that the recommendations also stressed that security being the vital factor for every development, the local government should avoid any effort that will threaten the existing peace enjoyed in the state.
"This will be to avoid any misunderstanding between nomadic and the council in Zungur-Galambi Miri district that may push them to the wall.
"The report however called on the officials of Sumaira Fulbe and all other Fulani associations to enjoin their followers to remain calm and seek redress from appropriate authority.”
The Speaker, Damina, through the voice votes adopted the recommendations of the committee that suspended and reversed the land allocation in Zungur-Galambi Miri district.

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