We’ll give sex discount on Christmas, New Year – Prostitutes

I’ll celebrate birth of Christ with free sex –Sick prostitute
Thirty days ahead of Christmas celebration, commercial sex workers hanging around New Romeo and Juliet, a popular open bar, club and event centre in Ejigbo, by NNPC bus-stop in Ejigbo LCDA, are promising customers of discount on services.

 These scarlet of the nights are not left out in the seasonal promotional sales as they joined other business organisation and supermarkets in slashing prices of their products and services to attract more sales and services in the seasons.

Though the management doesn’t allow them inside the club premises for any reason yet they hang around in the front of Ejigbo LCDA, where they have been accused of using as open air brothel.

A visit to the bar, it was discovered that, at last, Ejibgo LCDA, has finally walled off its premises where the scarlet of the night make use of as open air brothel.

  The LCDA made this move to salvage its image having been criticised for the alleged role played by its security officers to this. This also followed a number of reports by national dallies, considering what they use the local government premises for.

  More so, some sex workers spoken to said they were filled with joy, solving men’s emotional problems and tensions, and will be ready to do more as the whole world will be celebrating the birth of Christ and end of the year.

  According to them, most men who wouldn’t visit the club house with their spouses or girlfriends due to one problem or the other, will be forced to patronise them and also have their share of discount.

  One of the scarlet of the night in search of daily bread, Jessica Onovo, who visited the club, said she makes guys happy daily, saying that those who will subscribe to her ‘network’ during the seasons would be given discount inform of service charge reduction.

Jessica, who laid siege to the single and married men, who visit the club in search of fun, said she catches her fun and makes money too from the club.

  The fairly tall lady, who seemed to have commanded attention of many men at the club during a visit, said she that she would consider her old and faithful customers for discount but the new ones would be charged accordingly.

  Also, Cassy Blez, said, if discount will bring more customers for her, she would be ready to embark on such seasonal service promo, saying she would be good with corporate social responsibility.

  “If you talk about discount, I will give if it will bring more customers to me,” she said.

  On the amount she will consider discount to the clients, she said, “It depends on the client. If the client is rich, it might not need the discount but the less buoyant one will get reasonable discounts, whether at home or quickies.”

  Again, 25 years old Zika T. said if God preserves her till New Year, she will give the first five persons that would come her way free sex on January 1, 2019 from mid-night till 12noon, to celebrate the birth of Christ, New Year, and for escaping the illness she thought would have killed her in 2018.

According to her, there will be enough ‘eat-in’ and ‘take away’ ‘cuisine’ in the place. She was sick for three months which she thought would have ended to death, but God preseved her. This is how she wishes to show her appreciation for seeing the year, 2019.

By and large, it was a beehive of activities for many lovers lady’s night, as artistes on ground trilled lovers. The ‘ladies’ night,’ witnessed a number of activities that made the centre a destination for lovers of nocturnal life.

  During a tour of the facility, the club house was filled to the brim with different classes of people. Everyone there was busy dancing, drinking and doing one thing or the other that brought one to the club.

People came for different purposes. While some came for dancing, sightseeing and of course, the ‘ladies of the night’ came for the stomach infrastructure. This, perhaps, makes Romeo and Juliet, talk of the town.

It was learnt that some fun seekers came from Festac, Amuwo Odofin, Surulere, and of course, the adjourning communities – Ikotunegbe Isolo, Ijegun and Isheri Osun among others.

 Pauline Udoh said: “We helped some guys to reduce their emotional stress. We are here to service men. You know, many guys came with their ladies and those who didn’t come with theirs. So, we helped them reduce their stress.

“We can help anybody. Some of my friends went home with some customers and some settled theirs here. Regarding ‘one corner’ stuff, we don’t do it again because of police and taskforce. There are hotels around where we go.

“We are making money and we have enough customers here. We don’t go inside Romeo and Juliet except customers take us in; we now stand by the parking space in case anybody needs us, then, we will help him.”

Joycee Albert, another one, said, “I see more people here and more people means, more chances of my getting patronage. I have my boyfriend but he went to another club. I didn’t go with him because here is bigger than that place.”

  However, apart from the scarlet of nights, who were there plying, lovers, including married couples as well as other fun-seekers, visit the event place to celebrate the ladies.

John Igwe, a clubber, visits Romeo and Juliet because it’s peaceful, saying, “We are protected because police are there to ensure that there is no fight or case of robbery. There is no time in the night that you come here without seeing people.

“Before now, we used to go to Heavens and Ibizar, both in Festac. Today, those people come to Ejigbo because of this club. It’s also easy to locate.”

 Going by what our correspondent gathered, Romeo and Juliet seemed to be the talk of the town. Everybody wants to be there from far and near. Some of those, who kicked against it last year, according to one of the bar’s attendants, now patronise the VIP Lounge.

As at 12 midnight, the centre was still bubbling. People were not in a hurry to leave as the facility as a number of artistes and live band brought in thrilled the clients.

  “I have been hearing about this centre and this night, I thought of where to take my fiancée to; I decided to use this opportunity to know this place,” says Ebuka Igbokwe, who visited from Oshodi.

 His fiancée, Ogechi Uzor, was equally happy with the visit, which she said was worth. “I’m happy. At least, I can say one or two things about Ejigbo now. I like here, I will like to come another time,” she said.

  Mr. Rasaq Aboderin, said: “I just came to observe and enjoy myself. Romeo and Juliet selects good artistes on events like this and this is why I keep coming here. I think this bar is trying.”

We brought night life to Ejigbo –Club owner

However, the Managing Director, New Romeo and Juliet, Mr. Iyke Egegbara, said the facility has brought somewhat development in Ejigbo, looking at what was on the ground before it entered.

  He said, “When we entered Ejigbo, it was a local place and everywhere was once darkness. Residents go to bed early because there was no night life in the community, but we have opened up Ejigbo and brought night life to it. Today, Romeo and Juliet is a force to reckon with.

“Many a times, people get stranded on the road but their best bet is to get to Romeo and Juliet with sure that they will get a bike or cab to their destinations. A woman was in labour one night and there was no motor to take her to the hospital but when one of her relatives trekked to this place, he got a cab that saved the life of the unborn and the mother.

“Think of what would have happened if there was no cab to take her to the hospital in that dead night. This is what people gain, having night life in a community. There is no doubt that Romeo and Juliet is a source of development to Ejigbo and its environs.

“There is no part of Lagos that you can’t hear about Romeo and Juliet. We have peaceful people here and there is no fight. It’s a great source of happiness to people around here as it stands today.”

  On the challenges of the business, Ekegbara, who hails from Ngwa Opkala in Imo State and a graduate of accounting said patience, is the key, especially for those coming from abroad to do business in Nigeria.

He said: “I have tried a number of businesses that didn’t work out. I and my Yoruba partner ventured into magazine business and wine importation but didn’t succeed until we established Romeo and Juliet.

“Romeo and Juliet also came with its own challenges. We have the challenges of poor patronage because the roads to Ejigbo were bad when we started that alone discouraged a number of people from coming, even my own friends who I banked on that would patronise me too.

  “But I understood that was our gestation period. I’m like Abraham Lincoln. I tried many businesses and failed many times until I got this. Today, there are only three outfits we are competing with in terms of service and crowd in Amuwo Odofin but there is none in this Alimosho, Ejigbo and surrounding.

  On the security of the facility, he said, “Our security is in side here and they protect those inside. Though we have few people to secure the cars outside, but all vehicles are parked at owners’ risk. You can see, the outside is well lit. We have mounted CCTV cameras here to help us monitor the activities outside.

“And I can tell you that this facility has really developed Ejigbo and everybody knows that Romeo and Juliet has opened up Ejigbo for more businesses.”

 However, the expedition to the centre was smooth from Cele Express to Jakande Gate, Oke-Afa. Perhaps, one needs not ask questions as gathering of ladies and men draw your attention to the Club, which situates NNPC Fuel Station/Junction.

Romeo and Juliet assumes two different status. In the morning, it’s quiet and calm event centre but a bubbling centre for night clubbers. If you miss your way going there in the morning, the same will not be the case at night as activities of men and women of night, will definitely confirm the centre.

New Romeo and Juliet shares common perimeter fence with Ejigbo LCDA. It has wide parking space for vehicles, and this forms a big converging centre for the core girls outside the club, while the Club’s entrance gate is guarded by bouncers.

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