How I blackmail men after sex, by 21-year-old undergraduate

By John Nyang

A 21-year-old girl, Miss Blessing Odama, has disclosed that she took snapshots of her lovers’ nudities to blackmail them because they were wicked and gave insignificant money after sex.
The 200 Level student of Philosophy, Federal University Nasarawa State, has since been arrested by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Abba Kyari, for blackmailing men at the Federal Capital Territory using their nude pictures.
The arrest of Odama came almost a year after her sister, Joy, was alleged to have been killed by an Abuja-based businessman, Alhaji Usman Adamu.
Odama was arrested with her boyfriend, Ibrahim Danladi, who is also a student of the university.
The lovers were trailed to their hideout in Maraba area of Nasarawa State and arrested. She said: “I was forced to blackmail men because they are wicked. They promised to give good money before sex, but after, they give peanuts.”
The lovers ran into stormy water after one of their victims, identified simply as Danti, paid N150,000.
The lovers later returned, asking for additional N300,000. They further threatened to abduct Danti’s wife and children if he didn’t give them the N300, 000. Sick to his stomach with fear, Danti wrote a petition to IGP, Ibrahim Idris, detailing his predicament. Idris quickly acted on the petition by instructing IRT operatives to investigate the case and arrest the blackmailers. One of the investigators said: “The policemen told Danti to play along with the suspects by pretending that he would pay the money. Danti called and told Danladi that he was ready to pay the money. Danladi fell for the trick. He unwittingly gave the direction of his place at Kubwa to the police. The phone used in the blackmail was recovered from him. Several pictures of naked men were in the phone.”
While fielding questions from IRT operatives, Danladi claimed that Odama alone hatched and orchestrated the crime.
He said: “It was Odama that brought the nude pictures of the men and their phone numbers for the blackmail. I really don’t know how she got them. My role was to buy a new SIM card for the black-mailing whenever she provided the pictures and phone numbers of the men.”
Odama, who insisted she was not a prostitute or a blackmailer, added: “I was just financially down and needed money. My boyfriend and I came to Abuja while our school was on holiday to look for money.
Things were not looking too good for us. So, I went into the streets of Abuja to see how I could help myself.” One day, she was at a bus stop, when a car pulled up in front of her. The driver gave her a ride to Gwarimpa area. “While in the car, he requested to know more about me. I told him who I was. I was seriously broke and needed money to prepare for resumption of school. He offered to assist me. He took my phone number and promised to call me. A few days later, he called and asked me to meet him in a hotel at Gariki area.

When I got there, we had sex after which he gave me N5000.
“I told him that wouldn’t be enough because I have to buy food stuffs and other items. He said that the N5000 was all he had. I took his naked picture while he was standing. I gave it to my boyfriend, who contacted him and demanded money from him. Danladi threatened to upload the picture on the internet. At the end of the day, the man didn’t give us any money.
“I met another guy, Gado, at Wuse Zone II. We had sex. I told him that I needed money for school, but he gave me just N4000.
I took a photo of him while he was naked and gave it to my boyfriend to extort money from him. I also blackmailed a man who offered to give me a job if I had sex with him. He gave me his business card and asked that I should call him.
“When I did, he invited me to a hotel, where we had sex, after which he gave me N1000. He asked me to call him later for the job. I took his picture while he was naked and later sent it to my boyfriend. Danladi started blackmailing him, threatening to share the nude picture online. The man became tired and told him to go ahead,” She recalled.
According to Odama, the operation that landed her and Danladi in trouble was the one that had to do with Danti. She met Danti at an eatery at Jabi area of Abuja.
They became friends. He later took her to a hotel at Lugbe area, where they had sex. Odama confessed to have taken his pictures after he stepped out from the hotel’s shower. She was also angry that Danti gave her a miserly N5000 after the whole sex drama.
“I was angry because I was expecting him to give me more money. I gave his nude picture to my boyfriend and this time, we ran a search on him. We found his wife and other family members on social media. Danladi contacted him and threatened to send the pictures to his wife.
“My boyfriend also told him that he has his wife phone number and those of his friends and siblings.
The man became worried and begged him not to do such. The man then paid us N150, 000,” said Odama.
The lovers quickly frittered the N150, 000 and returned to demand for further N300, 000 from Danti or they would abduct his children. To show that they were not kidding, Danladi sent pictures of Danti’s children in their uniforms to him.
The man was traumatised. He pleaded, asking to be given more time to raise the money. The lovers were still waiting to receive the money from him when IRT operatives walked into their lair. Danladi, 28, further said: “It was all my girlfriend’s idea. She was the person that brought the pictures. She said that she wanted to blackmail and extort money from the victims. I didn’t know those men before she came with their nude pictures and phone numbers. She said that they all used and dumped her. She wanted to take her own pound of flesh. She made me to do all this. I’m not into blackmailing people. Odama lured me into it.”
It will be recalled that last year, incidentally, Odama’s sister, Joy, died when she was a 200 Level student of Mass Communication Department at the Cross River State University of Science and Technology (CRUTEC).

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