Buhari will lose 2019 election, says Martin Onovo

2015 presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP), Engineer Martin Onovo, has predicted that the Presidential flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), President Mohammad Buhari, would lose the 2019 Presidential election woefully.

 Onovo said the reason: “All indicators of human and nation’s development, be it, economic, political, legal, social, etc. point to one fact, that Nigeria is out of track and Nigerians must act in the national interest to salvage the country by stopping APC leadership.”

  He asked Nigerians to rise up to the challenge and ensure that the APC government was voted out of power or be ready to “suffer more hunger, violence, waste of life and political uncertainty deepening.

  “Even the stakeholders that you think were supporting President Buhari have distanced themselves because they know that posterity will not forgive them if they foist him on Nigerians again.”

  Onovo who is also the President of The Strategic Union of Professionals for the Advancement of Nigeria (SUPA), a group of professionals from all disciplines, who, with in-depth research and highly informed opinions, has developed solutions to many national challenges, warned Nigerians to vote wisely.

  His words: “Nigerians should shine their eyes this time around while voting. I warned in 2015 that the Buhari Presidency would be a disaster and the attack dogs then started raining abuses; but today I am happy that I am vindicated.

  “Nigerians should be united in poverty now and fight back. The country is drifting each passing day while government in power continues to play politics of propaganda.

  “Propaganda cannot sustain and has never sustained any government for long. You can’t fool the people all the time (according to late Bob Marley). Nigerians now know that the Buhari leadership has nothing to offer as predicted.

  “Nigerians now know that it is time to remove this government and I know they will resist rigging. Nigerians fought late Military dictator     Sani Abacha to a standstill and won this hard-earned democracy. I can assure you they will repeat that feat now that our democracy is under serious threat”. 

  Onovo is also a chieftain of the ‘Movement for Fundamental Change’ (MFC) which is committed to the restoration of the ‘Rule of law’ and our constitutional values.

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