Make political office less attractive - Ebigwei

President Emeritus, Aka-Ikenga, Igbo intellectual think-tank, Dr Sylvan Ebigwei, has said that unless political office was made less attractive, noble political office holders would not emerge.

  He also contended that the fight against corruption had been lost, alleging that the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), has become safe haven for defector politicians, whom were suspected to be corrupt.

The consultant dental surgeon also disclosed to The Niche in exclusive interview in Lagos that there was the urgent need to embark on the restructuring of the country.

  Said Ebigwei, “The emoluments, take home pay for an average Nigerian politician is so attractive and because of that huge attraction many politicians are ready to kill, maim, cheat, lie and commit any atrocity to be there.

  “They will lose their sense of value if they feel that they are losing. So, all they need to do is to cross to the winning group where they feel they will continue with political relevance in terms of getting their financial largess.

  “There is no country in this world where the legislative duties or legislators take home what the Nigerian legislators are taking for doing nothing.

  “if Nigeria wants to produce good politicians, the right type of politicians, those with the love of the country at heart then we have to drastically do something about the emoluments and incentives given to the politicians”.

  On corruption, he said, “At the beginning of this administration there seemed to be a change but at the moment I think this government is being subsumed by the spate of corruption they are fighting. So, I can say that in terms of corruption index there is no change because people are still stealing as usual, if not worse now.”

  On restructuring, he noted that the project was timely unless Nigerians were not serious to move the country forward.

  According to the elder statesman, “restructuring is timely now if we are serious to develop Nigeria. They are in three phases: Fiscal federalism, geographical restructuring and devolution of power will bring enormous credit to the federating units.

  “This is because they will start to evolve on their own with their own resources. There is the saying that necessity is the mother of invention. If you don’t have resources you will start looking for money through taxation, through putting fiscal policies that will generate income. There will be healthy competition”.

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