Madness! I raped my mum, mother-in-law because there were no other old women around – Shekari

By Bello Sani

Mr. David Shekari, a self-confessed rapist cum robber from Kaduna State, has confessed to the operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) after his arrest, that he had raped his biological mother and mother-in-law twice each.

  Shekari, 32, had operatives gasping in shock when he admitted during interrogation that he had twice raped his biological mother and mother-in-law, ages 65 and 70, leading to his outraged wife walking out of their marriage.

  He further confessed to have pounced on and raped the old women while they were sleeping, completely taking them by surprise.

   The suspect, who introduced himself as a farmer, said: “No! I don’t rape these old women because I want to use them for rituals.

  “I strongly believe that someone cast a spell on me. I was once married, but my wife abandoned me due to my penchant for raping old women. Whenever I’m drunk, a spirit will possess me. I will start running around, hunting for old women to rape. I have been beaten over this issue several times, but I can’t help or control myself.

  “I raped my mother during our last Moroha Festival, after I got drunk.

  “I raped her because I couldn’t find any old woman to rape on that fateful night. So, when I got home, I saw my mother sleeping; I raped her. My mother screamed when she opened her eyes and saw me on top of her. Her screams alerted our neighbours, who soon gathered. Everyone saw that I was drunk. When I became sober, I begged for her forgiveness and she accepted. When my wife heard about it, she was angry. She left and returned to her parents’ home. She had since remarried.”

  These confessions started spilling out after the operatives arrested him for allegedly carrying out several robberies and rape around Kaura Local Government Area, Kaduna State.

   Making a valid attempt to explain his actions, Shekari blamed his behaviour on drunkenness. The downfall of Shekari started after IRT operatives and their leader, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abba Kyari, were ordered to hunt down suspected armed robbers terrorising Kaduna State and its environs.

   A police source disclosed: “David ran into trouble when IRT operatives, who were deployed to Kaduna State by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, to combat the high rate of kidnappings, robberies and violent crimes, got a tip-off about him and his gang members.

  The gang specialised in robbing cyclists of their motorcycles at gun point. The gang was planning to carry out an operation around Kaura Local Government Headquarters before it was busted.

   “The suspect was arrested through the aid of some vigilante men in his hideout at Manchie area of Kaura Local Government Area. One of the motorcycle’s that the gang snatched had been recovered.

   “The vigilante men also identified David as a notorious serial rapist, who specialised in raping older women residing within Manchie area.”

  The source further explained that the vigilante men informed the police that Shekari had been a major threat to old women living in their community.

   Shekari allegedly used to sneak into the home of old women at night to rape them.

  “He had raped his mother on two occasions and his mother-in-law. He promised to turn a new leaf when he was caught, but the reverse had been the case,” said the police source.

   It was also gathered that Shekari’s alleged penchant for raping women threw old women in his community into panic, compelling many to add more bolts and locks to their doors. Asked why he loved raping old women, Shekari claimed that something used to possess him whenever he was drunk.

  He said that once this mysterious force takes over him, he would start running helter-skelter, looking for any old woman to rape.

  Shekari added: “Not long after then, I attended another festival in my former wife’s community known as Mahuta, where I got drunk. About midnight, I went to my ex-wife’s mother’s house and found her sleeping. I raped her. She woke up and started screaming. People came and grabbed me. I was given the beaten of my life and then allowed to go. I don’t know what usually comes over me whenever I’m drunk. That spirit is what usually pushes me to rape old women.”

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