Ezekwesili’s group mourns Hauwa Liman, suspends activities

The official organisation for the Obiageli Ezekwesili’s #Hope2019  movement for the Nigerian presidency has suspended its pre-campaign  activities for today in honour of aid worker, Hauwa Liman, who was  executed by a terrorist organisation yesterday.

  “O God of Creation, help us,” Ezekwesili tweeted in the early hours of  today.

 “Help us Lord. Help us. Help our government to rise up in all  its might, no matter how weakened. Help our Leader to decisively and  permanently confront all those that kill off our young, our old, our  men, our women. Our people can’t keep being killed.”

  Ezekwesili has returned to Abuja to join compatriots on the streets  mourning this tragedy and making specific calls on the authorities to  address the failures and gaps that continue to take the lives of  Nigerian citizens.

The movement’s social media handles and other platforms have gone  silent to pay respects.

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