Fraud! Crisis rocks women sports association

.NAWIS is fraud, members allege

By Musa Abdulai


The Association of Nigerian Women in Sports (NAWIS) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and not a platform for every Nigerian sports woman.

   Founder of the outfit, Professor Florence Bola Adeyanju, disclosed this to members at its 10th National Conference, which held at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Centre of Excellence, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, at the weekend.

  She explained that she formed NAWIS to promote her personal sporting agenda and not a platform for every Nigerian sports woman.

   Adeyanju was apparently responding to the allegation of financial misappropriation rocking the outfit for failing to render accounts of its activities in the past seven years.

  During the preliminary to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Adeyanju told participants to the three-day event that they had no right to question her decisions in nominating, appropriating and appointing people into any position because “NAWIS is an NGO. I formed

it in 1990”.

 She further warned stakeholders: “In the LOC and in the Ministry of Sports nobody knows my name; they call me NAWIS. The General Secretary of NFF, Mr. Sanusi, was my student and he told Ruth to write and he will approve financial support to us.

  “If you don’t want to pay your dues, get out”, as she bragged about her years of exploits unhindered.

  It would be recalled that NAWIS since inception about 28 years ago had been receiving financial support and other gratifications from both the government, private and

corporate organizations in Nigeria purportedly for the promotion of sports among women and the girl-child.

  But members who felt out-smarted by Adeyanju alleged foul play in the management of the association.

  They demanded to know weather or not as an NGO, if it was legally and morally right for Adeyanju to alone approve/appoint people into positions such as chaperons, compel members to pay annual dues/conference fees but refusing to account to them how their monies were spent.

 Adeyanju was also accused of presenting her NGO, Nigerian Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS), to the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports as the mouthpiece representing the voice and interest of every Nigerian sports woman over the years and through which she had received financial and other benefits on behalf of all Nigerian sports women.

  The accusers further stated: “She uses NAWIS which she presents as representing the voice of all sporting women in Nigeria to get financial support. They organize

seminars, call for papers and people are made to pay all in the name of the association whereas was not ready to account to members.”

  Besides, they called on the federal government to check the activities of people who use pseudo platforms to defraud Nigerians who are easily cowed to believe that

anything that has ‘Nigeria or National’ attached to it commands recognition and support from the federal government.

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