Osun re-run: NIM rejects result, mobilises for mass action against alleged malpractice

The Nigeria Intervention Movement (NIM) has reject the result of the Osun governorship re-run result, saying it has deployed its field arrowheads, cadres and allies in the South West to immediately embark on an urgent mass mobilisation over the aftermath of re-run, to commence a major resistance built on series of mass actions to compel the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to respect the will of the people and to do justice to their mandate.

NIM, the umbrella of the third force movement of credible fresh breed political leaders in Nigeria, in a statement yesterday said that it is taking the action following “numerous unfortunate tales of woes from election observers and the media who covered the Osun guber election re-run, about several cases of malpractices, intimidations, assaults and outright disenfranchisement of registered voters, who are members of opposition parties by sponsored thugs of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) operating in cohort with federal security personnel.”
This directive NIM said, has become compelling consequent upon concrete evidences recorded and forwarded to the group by elections observers and “our field vigilante detailing various anti democratic activities among personnel of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the Nigerian security forces and the thugs of the ruling APC, which clearly violated the rights and mandate of the Osun people.”

NIM further said that “it is also quite saddening that local and international observers and the media did note the criminal silence on the part of INEC as security forces comprising the Police, Civil Defence, Nigeria Customs Service and the Nigerian Army among others, regrettably became violent tools of APC against opposition elements for mandate
It regretted that accredited journalists and observers were harassed, manhandled and stopped from accessing voting areas and that security forces watched helplessly while APC thugs molested, intimidated and assaulted voters, dispossessed them of their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and abducted accredited agents of the opposition party. It added that the development made a mess of the credibility of the re-run election.

The group reiterated that it directed it cadres, allies and supporters all over the southwest region to immediately storm the streets in defence of the mandate of the Osun people openly stolen by state forces, saying justice and liberty in every human formation often come by struggle.

“NIM as the emergent democratic forces of this present generation in Nigeria can not fold its arms and tolerate or condone this daylight robbery of the mandate of the people and has therefore decided to make the Osun experience the last in the annals of our country.

“Lastly, we call on the good people of Osun as well as the direct victims of electoral shenanigan, Senator Ademola Adeleke, among others to immediately rise and be counted in the planned struggle for the restoration of their stolen mandate as we are fully set to demonstrate our resistance of these anti democratic forces on struggle theatre of Osun,” NIM stated.

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