Buhari may lose 2019 election, says U.S. Intelligence firm

President Muhammadu Buhari might lose power in the forthcoming presidential election holding in February 2019 if the opposition succeeded in building the grand coalition that could give the All Progressives Congress (APC) a good challenge at the polls.

This is the view of Teneo Intelligence, a New York-based intelligence firm in the United States. The global firm said that going by the outcome of the Osun governorship polls where the ruling APC was battling with serious vulnerabilities months to the presidential elections, power may slip out of its hands.

A close governorship election over the weekend in the southwestern state of Osun, currently held by Buhari’s All Progressives Congress, bodes badly for the ruling party and signals its waning popularity, Teneo said in a note to clients.

“There is already a clear message sent from Osun State: provided the PDP remains united, and the vote is reasonably free and fair, Buhari and his APC are likely to lose the general elections,” said Malte Liewerscheidt, an analyst at Teneo.

  The Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) had at the weekend declared the Osun governorship election inconclusive after the PDP polled the majority votes, beating  the APC to a second position.

  It became a controversial stalemate as INEC declined to declare a winner but rather has scheduled a run-off election in seven polling units across five local council areas of Osun State Teneo is a global advisory firm that works exclusively with the CEOs and leaders of the world’s largest and leading companies, providing strategic counsel across their full range of key objectives and issues Teneo is a global political risk advisory service providing timely, market-relevant and forward-looking counsel to help business leaders understand political events and their implications for corporations and financial markets – from a company’s local footprint to its global supply chains.

The firm identify political drivers that move markets and forecast outcomes and scenarios. In this way, Teneo Intelligence helps clients to incorporate political futures into their business and investment strategies.

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