Police detain Aisha Buhari’s ADC

The Police have detained Mr. Sani Baba-Inna, a Chief Superintendent of Police, and Aide De Camp (ADC) to the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha, over an alleged N2.5 billion fraud.
The ADC allegedly received huge donations from politicians and business people on behalf of Mrs. Buhari and kept the cash to himself.

This is as the police have quizzed the whistleblower, an aide of the First Lady, who raised the alarm of missing N2.5 billion allegedly donated to the wife of the President.
The First Lady was said to have requested the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, to investigate Baba-Inna on receiving a petition against the ADC.

New Telegraph investigations indicate that following the embarrassment which the report of the fraud has caused the first family, the petitioner was yesterday invited by the police to give details of the allegations to enable relevant law enforcement agencies unravel the true situation.

A competent presidency source privy to the alleged crime told our correspondent that: “The person that wrote the petition on behalf of the First Lady is already at the Police Headquarters right now.”
The source, however, declined to give further information on whether any traces of the stolen monies have been made.

Speaking with New Telegraph, an aide in the Office of the First Lady, confirmed the detention of CSP Baba-Inna in police custody for sundry offences capable of soiling the integrity of the Office of the First Lady.
Another source, which pleads anonymity, said the arrest and detention of the First Lady’s ADC was beyond the alleged fraud, adding that there are other mind-boggling infractions traced to the embattled officer.

He said: “The arrest and detention of Baba-Inna is beyond the issue of the N2.5 billion he allegedly received as huge donations from politicians and business people on behalf of the First Lady and later kept the cash to himself.
“Can you believe that he has been dropping the name of the First Lady to curry favour for personal gains from the high and mighty in this country?

“Beyond the investigation of the N2.5 billion, he has seriously been engaging in abuse of office, influence peddling, name dropping and other acts unexpected of an officer of the Federal Republic.”
Speaking further, the source said that the First Lady’s ADC also engaged in the act of racketeering of posting and withdrawal of police officers.

“He has dishonestly used his office to merchandise posting and withdrawal of police officers from one place to another. He would send memos to the police authority in the name of the First Lady to effect postings of policemen after he might have likely collected money from them.

“I want to believe that the issue of an alleged gift of two Sports Utility Vehicles to the First Lady raised by a senator in 2017 from the IGP must have been part of the many atrocious handiworks of the ADC. That was why the First Lady announced then that she doesn’t know anything about it.”

The source said that many of those ripped off by the ADC couldn’t muster the courage to query some of the outrageous demands believed to be from the First Lady, adding that many of the victims didn’t want to be seen as ignoring the ‘directive’ of the President’s wife.

“However, one of his victims summoned the gut to ask the First Lady about the demands he received from her office, but the president’s wife feigned ignorance of such a request. It was after then that an investigation was conducted and everything was traced to Baba-Inna.
“He has been misleading and duping the public with his position as the ADC to the wife of the president. He has ridiculed the office of the First Lady and he is currently under investigation,” the source said.

Director of Information to the Wife of the President, Suleiman Haruna, in a statement yesterday, confirmed the arrest of the ADC by the Police.
Mrs. Buhari explained that her ADC was arrested by the police to establish the case of fraud levelled against him.

She said: “The Nigeria Police Force, his employers, arrested him to investigate the allegations levelled against him, this, being within their jurisdiction.

I, therefore, wish to use this opportunity to inform the general public that I have never sent any of my staff to collect any favours on my behalf or on behalf of my children and will never do so.

“I’m, therefore, imploring anyone that has been defrauded by Mr. Baban-Inna to get across to him to retrieve whatever he took from them. I wish to reiterate that I will not condone fraudulent behaviour by any of my staff.
“I’m using this opportunity to call on all those in positions of authority to rise above intimidation by their aides and deal with such attitudes as extortion by name-dropping, especially within the Presidency.
“As I always emphasize, this government was voted into office based on the trust and confidence of the people.”

The spokesman to Mrs. Buhari, however, denied that his arrest followed a directive by the President’s wife to the Inspector General of Police.

Suleiman said: “The attention of wife of the President, Dr. (Mrs.) Aisha Muhammadu Buhari has been drawn to some media publications and releases purporting illegal detention of her Aide De Camp (ADC) over allegations of fraud.

“The story as it pertains to her ADC, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Sani Baban-Inna has it that he has been detained on the orders of Her Excellency for dropping her name and defrauding unsuspecting officials and associates. She wishes to use this opportunity to refute such allegation and to state that she has no hand in his arrest and detention.

“CSP Sani Baban-Inna has been her ADC since 2016 and has been associated with her ever since. To the utter dismay of Her Excellency, he has used the opportunity to defraud unsuspecting associates and officials as initial investigations have shown.”
An online newspaper, Premium Times, had reported that Mrs. Buhari’s ADC was arrested on Friday and has remained in detention ever since, with relatives having no access to him.

The ADC was said to have since denied the allegation that he received any donation on behalf of his boss.
Mrs. Buhari is currently in New York, United States of America.

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