Traditional institution requires recognition by Nigerian constitution, says Chiroman Bauchi

By Rita Michael


A prominent traditional ruler, the Chiroman Bauchi, Alhaji Nuru Adamnu Jumba, has said that traditional institution required a recognition by the Constitution of the country but not the provision of specific roles to play.

  According to the monarch, the provision of specific for the traditional rulers in the constitution is akin to demoralizing the institution.

  “What the traditional institution needs or requires is a recognition by the Nigerian Constitution but not necessarily the provision of some specific roles to play by the traditional rulers in the society”, Chiroma said.

 The Chiroman Bauchi was speaking at a sensitization campaign tagged, “Sensitization Campaign On Best Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for the Promotion of Social Justice in Nigeria” organized by the Bauchi Office of the National Orientation Agency (NOA).

  Alhaji Nuru Adamu Jumba also stressed the need for the people to recognize that the reconciliatory, mediatory or arbitration traditional rulers delve in dispute between parties is in the best interest of the public.

  He explained that there were certain disputes between parties that were being doggedly and speedily handled by traditional rulers rather than taking such disputes to law courts.

 Chiroman said however that there were instances whereby disputes surmounted the capacity of traditional rulers to handle which they normally referred them to law courts for adjudication.

  He assured that traditional rulers would continue to wade in conflicts between aggrieved parties for resolution to ensure social justice among the populace.

  The NOA Director General, Dr. Garba Abari, had said that the agency’s platform could be used to advocate for adherence to social justice to prevent violence and chaos in the country, assured that government was working to bridge the gaps and provide a just and egalitarian society.

  Abari, represented by agency’s director of Special Duties and State Operations, Mrs. Mete Edekobi, said, “We at the National Orientation Agency believe strongly that adherence to social justice lies at the heart of harmonious co-existence. It is in the backdrop of this belief that we are holding this program today.

  “We have seen instances where people are given different treatment for same action or inaction. There are many reported and unreported cases of injustice and operation, tyranny, exploitation and even slavery”, he said.

 The DG added, “We have seen instances of denial of right and equal opportunities. We are vivid expression of the lack of social justice in the societies”.

  Dr. Garba Abari who explained that social justice was critical in the successful implementation of alternative dispute resolution mechanism, said that Nigerians were desirous of social justice rooted in the values of equality, justice, respect for diversity, religious tolerance, and tolerance of differences in political views.

  “In the face of various forms of crisis that continue to threaten the fabric of our national cohesion, the promotion of social justice should be rooted in our national institutions and implemented by them”, Abari said.

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