Church burns altar where priest had sex with two women

By Valentine Amanze

Wonders will never end, as church burns its altar, where the parish priest was caught having sex with two women.

The church members/ parishioners are also praying to God to forgive the reverend father of a Catholic church in Pearl River, Louisiana.

Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, who disclosed the incident, has consecrated a new altar at the church.

During the ceremony on Sunday he said, “His behaviour [priest] was obscene, his desecration of the altar is demonic.”

WVUE reports that the former priest at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Travis Clark, had been removed from ministry and was no longer on the diocese payroll.

The priest, Clark, 37, was arrested September 30 with Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng on obscenity charges after a passer-by reported seeing them having sex on the church’s altar, the New Orleans Advocate reported.

Police also confiscated sex toys, stage lights and two recording devices from inside the church, according to the publication.

The report also disclosed that Attorney Bradley Phillips, who represents Dixon and Cheng, called their arrest “appalling,” and said they were engaged in consensual sex with an adult outside public view.

Aymond told the congregation at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church on Sunday that the previous altar had been removed and burned, according to WVUE report.

“The church is a very holy place,” Aymond said

His words: “When a church has been used for unholy things and it has been desecrated, we must drive away the evil spirit, and that is what we do today.”

Church-goers said they would pray for Clark.

“He had a moment of weakness, we still love him, we’ll still support him, we’ll still pray for him and ask God for what he did and have a sincere and sorrowful heart,” said Steve Fecke, WVUE reported.

Meanwhile,advocates for victims of sex abuse by priests protested outside the church before the service on Sunday.

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