No alternative to restructuring, APC chieftain tells Buhari

By Ummi Ismaeel,

Former Publicity Secretary of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Niger State, Mr. Jonathan Tsado Vatsa, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria to commence restructuring of the country to avoid another secession attempt in the country.

Vatsa, who had also served as the Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism, said that his support for restructuring was because there indications that Nigeria could no longer move beyond where it is.

The APC chieftain argued that the drum beat for Nigeria’s restructuring was getting lauder by the day enough for the President Buhari to heed the wise counsel of most Nigerians.
“As things are in Nigeria today, I don't think there is alternative to restructuring”, Vatsa in Minna, adding that he believed that the present system of a winner takes all would not take Nigeria anywhere.

Vatsa said that there was the need for every region in the country to contribute to the centre.

His words: “Only restructuring that can bring the best out of every section of this country and it is obvious that this monthly sharing ceremony in Abuja can no longer help us.

“The only alternative to restructuring is what Nigerians should not pray for because there is strength in togetherness. The country is gradually moving towards the red point so I think the president should listen to the clarion call by some eminent Nigerians before it is too late”.

Vatsa said that the growing agitations for self-determination by some sections of this country was as a result of the growing level of injustice, discrimination, lack of equity and fairness, and therefore wondered how long the government would continue to suppress patriotic citizens under whatsoever account.

He said, “There is nothing absolutely wrong with restructuring of Nigeria. It will make us to be serious and as well bring out the best from every region because every region of this country has a potential except if we cannot look beyond our noses”.

The former Commissioner said, “If this country is restructured, certain wasteful decisions like the proposed construction of rail line from Nigeria to neighbouring Niger Republic will not be contemplated when we have non-functioning rail lines all over the country”.

“While Nigerians are suffering from lack of social amenities including; roads which has become death traps, electricity, good affordable hospitals and pipe borne water, the federal government is busy thinking of how to construct rail line to another country, this shouldn’t be,” Vatsa said.

“Is Niger Republic now more important than meeting the needs and aspirations of Nigerian citizens? Vatsa queried as he insisted that the present administration should be fair to Nigerians in whatever decisions or policies they take.

“It is pertinent to note that Nigeria has never been so divided along ethnic, political, religious and regional considerations as it is today from the time of independence all because of the high level of injustice and lack of fair play in all aspects of our national lives.

“There is this general lack of trust among Nigerians. There is also what can best be described as ethnic cleansing going on everywhere with perpetrators camouflaging as bandits. It is very worrisome. The lopsidedness in political appointments, so the only thing left now is to restructure”.

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