Archbishop Obinna lauds Uzodimma as governor marks Nigeria’s 60th anniversary

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Dr. Anthony Obinna, has commended Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State for his programmes that he said were pro-people despite the challenges the government faced in the early days of the administration.

Obinna spoke on Sunday during a thanksgiving service by Governor Uzodimma at the Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral Owerri, to mark Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary.

It was an event where the governor took stock of Nigeria’s journey so far in the past 60 years of independence, and concluded that the occasion affords Nigerians the opportunity to identify those areas they have not done very well and make efforts to correct and make the necessary amendments.

Governor Uzodimma acknowledged the damage done to Nigerian Democracy by the civil war and the military regimes which created atmosphere of dis-orientation and distorted the original plans of the founding fathers who got independence for the country.

Although the Governor observed that the Third Republic that started in 1999 may not have really done very well, but he maintained that with democracy still the vogue in Nigeria there is hope of positive things to come in future.

Governor Uzodimma said that if Nigeria is really independent the people should recommit themselves to nationhood and patriotism by doing the right things that allow them achieve more for the nation.

He said that the worst form of democracy is better than the best form of military dictatorship, because “democracy enables the citizens to express their views and contribute their quota to the development of the country.”

Uzodmma assured that his administration would rectify the areas the political class in the past disappointed the people by improving on those things that were shadily done “and with the Grace of God, bring back happiness and sense of security to Imo people which have been an impediment to people’s plans to go about their businesses without fear of molestations.”

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