Arsenal rewards Arteta after FA Cup glory

By Valentine Amanze

Sequel to winning FA Cup for Arsenal in 2019-20 season, the club’s management has promoted
Mikel Arteta from head coach to manager.

The club withdrew the position in 2018 when Arsene Wenger resigned his appointment after 22 years in office.

But going by PA Sport report on Thursday, Arteta, a Spaniard, would now be first-team manager as opposed to head coach, while Vinai Venkatesham will take the mantle of chief executive having previously operated as managing director.

Appointed in December to replace Unai Emery, Arteta also took the title of head coach.

Mikel Arteta's job title has changed from head coach to first-team manager.

Arteta’s FA Cup victory against Chelsea is seen by the management of Arsenal as the beginning of more fortunes for the club.

The club later tweeted (@Arsenal) September 10, 2020: “The last nine months have probably been the most challenging nine months in Arsenal’s history – and we’ve been around for 134 years.

“Despite all of those challenges, Mikel has been driving this football club forward,” Venkatesham told Arsenal Digital.

“He has lifted the spirits and lifted the energy here at London Colney and with Arsenal fans all across the world. He is doing an absolutely phenomenal job.

“The other thing that’s clear is that right from the day he walked through the door, he was doing much more than being our head coach. So we’re going to be changing his job title going forward. He’ll move from head coach to be the first-team manager. That’s recognition of what he’s been doing from the day he walked in the door, but also where we see his capabilities.”

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