Politics not career, but service vocation, says Obi

By Valentine Amanze
Politics is an avenue to serve and contribute to the growth of society and not a career opportunity.

The Vice Presidential candidate of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the last election, Mr. Peter Obi, gave the advice to politicians, while speaking on “Politics 101 with Peter Obi” platform.

Obi said that taking on politics as a full time career was wrong and would only result in engaging in unwholesome practices like looting of public funds, accepting kick-backs and other corrupt practices, in order to survive.

Obi, who called for more political involvement among Nigerian youths, advised against going into politics with what he described as "entitlement mindset".

He said political positions should be seen as platforms to increase public wealth rather than gather private wealth.

"The main aim of participating in politics should be to contribute to the growth and development of society not for self-aggrandizement.

“Every serving and aspiring political office holder should aim at increasing the public wealth and not gathering private wealth. Public wealth enriches the lives of the citizens while private wealth only benefit one individual", Obi said.

Recounting his political journey and what made him to join politics, Obi said the deplorable security situation in Anambra State prior to 2003 and the industrial action that left primary and secondary schools shut and the stagnant education sector, pushed him to be part of the political system that would rebuild the state.

He said that he went into politics as a successful businessman, with the sole aim of contributing to a better society, which when he left office as the Governor of Anambra State, he felt satisfied with the level of growth and development the state witnessed under him in all sectors of the economy.

Obi stated that there were no special requirements needed for one to be involved in politics apart from the passion to serve and contribute to society.

He advised all young aspiring politicians to have other meaningful endeavours that would cater for their financial needs even as they pursue their political ambitions.

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