You’ve failed Nigeria, group tells ICC, demands action on genocide

By Valentine Amanze

The Diaspora Nigerian group has accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of failing to end ongoing genocide in Nigeria.

The Diaspora group made the accusation via Mr. Emmanuel Ogebe, the Special Counsel
Justice for Jos Project, US Nigeria Law Group, Washinton, in a letter titled, “ICC is failing Nigeria: Act against genocide now!”

It wondered why, ICC, which Prosecutor, Fatou Bom Bensouda, is a Gambian lawyer, would not intervene in the mass killings in Nigeria.

It however commended the efforts of the prosecutor in the arrest of a wanted genocide fugitive and the potential extradition of the former Sudanese leader, El Bashir, who has evaded arrest under international warrant for years, while calling for ICC’s intervention in Nigeria.

It also reminded the prosecutor that history would find her culpable for her signal failure and inaction on Nigeria, stressing, “history may forgive a leader’s actions but it won’t forgive their inactions.”

It reminded her:
“Madame prosecutor, in the space of a week the people of Southern Kaduna experienced a devastating series of attacks in Nigeria’s pernicious mid-grade genocide.

“For your information, here are just some of the atrocities: - Zipak, a semi-urban town in Fanstwam Chiefdom, Jemaa LGA in Southern Kaduna, suffered the killing of 10 people when the Fulani militia attacked at 7pm, Friday, 24th July, 2020.
Though Zipak is just about two kilometers from the heart of Kafanchan where there is presence of a cantonment of the Army, Police and Paramilitary units, the attacking Militia had a field day.

“After looting and vandalising the town, they burnt down part of it and gruesomely murdered the following:
1) Joel Cephas, 5 yrs
2) Kingsley Raphael, 28
3) Katung Kantiock 60
4) Luka Garba 75
5) Victor Ishaya 22
6) Madam Dakaci 52
7) Kuyet Yayock 25
8) Cecelia Audu 65
9) Matina Dauda 70
10) Yanasan Dauda 70

“The Governor of Kaduna state immediately imposed a 24 hour curfew over the entire Jemmaa LGA.
“However it was under the curfew that the Fulani militia returned on July 25th , to wreak more havoc on the community still in shock and mourning from the previous day’s massacre.

“Also, as it rained around 8pm, Thursday, 23rd July 2020 at Agwala Magayaki of Doka Avong, Kajuru LGA in Southern Kaduna, armed Fulani militia took advantage of the darkness and torrential rain and attacked the village for the second time in a month, leaving seven persons dead.

Those killed in Kajuru are:
1.John Mallam, 80;
2.Albarka Mallam, 85; 3.Jumare Sule, 76.
4. Hannatu Garba 55;
5. Thaddeus Albarka, 32
6. Luvinus Danmori, 52
7. Daniel Mukadas,70.

- It could be recalled that on the 20th June, 2020, the same village was invaded by the Fulani militia, some known by the villagers, and 7 persons were killed.

“On the 22nd of July 2020, as it rained on Kizachi in Chawai chiefdom, Kauru LGA in Southern Kaduna, Fulani militia broke into homes, and attacked villagers with knives, daggers and matchetes.
The following people were killed:
1) Kefas Monday, 17yrs
2) Lydia Monday,.14yrs
3) Jummai, 9yrs
4) Giwa Thomas,.14yrs
5) Living Yohanna, 27yrs.

“This brings to a total of 23, harmless Southern Kaduna natives killed by Fulani in 72 hours.

“This is apart from over 40 murdered victims of Fulani militia in Kaura and Zangon Kataf, also in Southern Kaduna days earlier.

“Madame Prosecutor, you have dragged your feet on genocide in Nigeria for too long.

“Till this date, your office has not identified and declared perpetrators of the terrorist genocide in Nigeria wanted as you continue an endless “preliminary examination” while atrocities continue on a daily basis as illustrated above.

“Nigeria has failed to adequately prosecute offenders or restitute victims. The same week of these atrocities, the government of Mjr Gen. Buhari “reintegrated” 602 Boko Haram Terrorists and paid each N20,000, brand new clothes etc.

“However their victims are in wretched IDP camps, dying of malnutrition, suffering rape by camp officials and children being trafficked.”

The members of the group, which operates in the U.S., UK and Nigeria include A. Undieh
(Maryland), G. Ukwuani (Washington DC), U. Okpa (Maryland), I.Hajara (Florida), C. Mba
(California), N. Obianozie (Texas), and G. Ngofa (Texas).

Others include, C. Nwaohi (California), S. Nwaohia (California), A. Nwaohia (California), I. Ajayi (Connecticut), Rev Polycarp Gbaja (Kaduna State, Nigeria), S. Ojapah (Katsina State, Nigeria), B. Kantiok (California), S. Umunna (Chicago) I.Akintunde,
(Lancaster, UK),
and Emmanuel Ogebe, ESQ
Special Counsel
Justice for Jos Project

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