Cleric advises Nigerian govt to seek face of God on COVID-19

By Ummi Ismaeel,

The Chairman, North Central zone of the Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria (PFN), Pastor PeteRock Sadiq, has advised the Nigerian government and other world leaders to humble themselves and seek God’s intervention to ‘‘heal our land’’ of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

He said that
global predictions had been that the pandemic, with daily reports of new cases, would remain for a while because there wss no known cure.

According to him, the disease is beyond man’s knowledge hence the need to look up to God for mercy.

Sadiq, the senior pastor, House on the Rock Church, after his investiture with Brigadier-General by Mission for Africa Foundation International, Florida USA in collaboration with God’s Armour Corps (Gaccorps), Nigeria said COVID-19 has remained a mystery that only God could tackle.

The cleric told said after his decoration at Hydro Hotels, Minna over the weekend that prayers by Nigerians irrespective of religion with pure heart could make coronavirus vanish from our national life.

“At the moment prayer is very important for the citizenry to be healed and saved from this deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from prayers, we were not aware when it came into Nigeria and I pray that it will go the same way, because nothing lasts forever”.

According to Sadiq, “The same way we have nights and days, it is the same way we have Coronavirus. We will all soon wake up to a season in this country when our country will be healed and Coronavirus will no more be with us.

“God answers prayers, whether it is the prayers of a child, the prayers of a mother, the prayers of Christians or that of Moslems, man or woman. God is merciful; he listens and can answer prayers from a broken heart for our healing and peace to be restored to this nation”.

Sadiq however regretted, “Nigerians as a people don't always be together; it is the heart that matters. Because the Bible says, eventual fervent prayer of a righteous man is enough to end this calamity. God does not need a people to answer prayers, rather He only needs our hearts and if our heart is right then our prayer is right”.

The representative of Mission for Africa Foundation International, Florida, USA, Professor Mike Uchechukwu, who represented the Board of Trustee (BoT) Chairman of the group, had explained that the investiture, ‘Special Executive Patrons Award’ for 2020 was in recognition of Pastor Sadiq’s selfless service to God and humanity.

The 2020 Special Executive Patron Award on Pastor PeteRock Sadiq attracted members of the Mission for Africa Foundation International from seven other north-central states including; Benue, Plateau, Bauchi, Kogi, Nasarawa, Kwara and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

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