How gunmen killed 15 villagers in Kaduna

Gunmen have killed 15 people at Gonan Rogo village in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
Five persons were injured during the attack which occurred on Monday night.
Although the police authorities are yet to confirm the incident, the Chairman of Kajuru Local Government Area, Cafra Caino, said that the gunmen men stormed the village while the residents had gone to bed and started shooting sporadically at their houses.
According to him, the sound of the gunshots woke the people from sleep as they scampered to safety in different directions.

He added that assailants shot 15 of the villagers to death in the process and five others sustained various degrees of injury.
Caino further stated that the bodies of the deceased would be given a mass burial later today, adding that the entire community is tensed at the moment due to the attack.

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