Why I prefer Tonye Cole for Rivers APC governorship ticket, by Amaechi

Mr. Tonye Cole, the oil billionaire and Co-founder of Sahara Energy is Chief Rotimi Amaechi’s preferred candidate for the APC’s governorship ticket in Rivers State.

Amaechi, a former governor and leader of the party in Rivers State, was said to have informed party stakeholders of his choice at a meeting in Lagos before his departure to China as part of President Buhari’s delegation to that country.
“We are aware that not all would find it easy to accept the decision but I am also conscious that the decision was made for the best interests of the party and the group. We are aware that interests are divergent and numerous. And that they can only coalesce if we get someone neutral; someone who is able to get every interests to converge as one. What is critical is victory.
“Loyalty is not only when it favours you but when you are tempted and stretched to your limits. Ventilate we must but to move ahead we also must as the battles ahead are numerous and tedious. You all urged me on to proceed to make a decision and swore to stand by that decision. The time has therefore come to so do. Good morning my fellow compatriots and wish that we stand with each other to bring down this evil Government. God bless all of us,” Amaechi was quoted to have stated.

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