Senate president's Easter message to Nigerians: Use your faith in God to defeat COVID-19

By Valentine Amanze

Nigeria’s Senate President, Alhaji Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, has appealed to Nigerians to build their faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ in their battle to defeat the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The Senate president made the appeal in his Easter message to Nigerians.
His words: “If we draw the right lessons from the death of Jesus on the cross at Calvary and his resurrection, we become more confident as we fight coronavirus and all other trials that today test our faith.
“My belief is that this is a passing phase for Nigeria and the entire world and that our faith is a potent spiritual weapon for the pursuit of victory.”
Lawan also urged Nigerians
be fervent in their prayer for divine intervention to vanquish the pandemic, heal the sick and renew the world and Nigeria.
He advised Nigerians not to allow the frightening reports from other parts of the world on the pandemic to discourage or weaken them hope.
“Rather, such reports should remind us of the divine mercy under which we live in this clime, and strengthen our determination to rout this virus and others,” he said.
Besides, he saluted the resilience of Nigerians and urged them to continue to cooperate with the government as it led them in the fight against Coronavirus and its deleterious effects on the economy and life.
The Senate president, however, assured that the National Assembly would continue to provide legislative intervention to support and improve the efforts of the government in the trying period and beyond.
He also commended the health personnel and other stakeholders at the frontline of the battle against the pandemic, while applauding the public-spirited individuals, corporate bodies, institutions and others who have risen in sacrifice and support for the nation in the battle against COVID-19.
While wishing Nigerians a Happy Easter, Lawan urged them to strictly observe the public health protocols of social distancing, regular washing of hands and the rules of hygiene at homes as we mark the joyous occasion.
Easter marks the triumph of Jesus Christ over sin, adversity and death. It is celebrated yealy by Christians worldwide.

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