Woman launches first sex agency in Nigeria

A Nigerian woman, Cherry Bianze, has started what many consider as the first sex agency in Nigeria.
Bianze wrote on her Facebook page that the agency would start operations in Lagos, Abuja, Edo, Delta, Rivers and all the southeastern states of the country in August this year.
“We have just started an agency where people can come and HAVE SEX WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED.
“For a start, we'll be in Lagos, Abuja, all South-eastern states, Edo, Delta and Rivers states.... and other countries.
“We will gradually expand as we have more clients,” Bianze said on her Facebook post.
She said that the agency would charge prospective clients from N2,000 to N25,000 per hook-up.
The agency, according to Bianze, is open to people of all sexual orientation, status, and gender.
“Single, married, widows and widowers; heterosexual, homosexual, black or white; man or woman. Just be OVER 18,” she said.
The post drew mix reactions with some calling her action outlandish and out of sync with the Nigerian culture.
Besides, Nigerian law forbids homosexual.

“Generally, this is illegal in our legal clime but… you need a way around the law”, Rap Ebuka Ikeorah said.

Ikeorah advised her to do a background checks of her clients before allowing them to hook up.

“You need to have a database of sex offenders,” Ikeorah advised.

” You don't expressly owe any consumer the duty to protect him or herself, but you need to expressly advise them on the need for protection. you need also have a blog on your website that sends to your customer on the at least biweekly basis the need to play safe”.

One Ade-Primus Interperes said: “The agency would have security issues to grapple with.”

” How do you ensure a minimal ambiance of security for the ‘horny parties’? Would you insist that they must have sex in hotels only? Would you insist on a no-sex at-horny-partners'-home policy?

” The disclaimer/liability clause on the website has to be very ‘strong-worded’ and ‘exhaustive’ in the interest of the agency.”

Others commended her courage by saying her attitude is daring.

“To be honest, if this is REAL, I love the confidence and daring attitude of the agency owner/poster. You must have drawn your plan well... I wish you all the best in this niche market you created for yourself,” Shote Ayomide Damilola said.
“This is absolutely fantastic. Holla me if you need any assistance,” Jacqueline Tiger Ifeyinwa Ibeh, said.

In a separate post, Bianze who is also known as Ngozi Bianze justified her action, saying the sex industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

She said Nigerians are among the highest consumers of pornography in the world.

“Nigeria, a country of about 180-million people has millions of adults, the majority of whom are obsessed with sex,” Bianze said.

“I did my research before venturing into this business. Nigerians are the largest community of blacks registered in most, if not almost all dating and sex websites around the world. But you can keep pretending,” She stressed.

When TheNiche asked her if she does not mind the societal backlash associated with such venture knowing the cultural predisposition of Nigerians, Bianze said she is not ready for interview questions yet.


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