Despite coronavirus fears, pangolin trade booms in Nigeria

Since scientists learned the coronavirus (Covid-19) might have origins with bats and potentially spread to humans through pangolins in a wildlife market in Wuhan, China, Chinese authorities have closed down or put under quarantine about 20,000 wildlife farms to curb wildlife trade. Vietnam is considering a similar ban.

This drastic action by China, the largest market of pangolin in East Asia is getting commendation globally from wildlife conservationists.
However, they are concerned Nigeria, one of the largest pangolin trade hubs in Africa has not reacted to these reports.
An investigation into pangolin trafficking found Nigeria was linked to 55% of pangolin scales seized global between 2016 and 2019.

The trade of pangolin, an endangered scaly ant-eating animal has been of concern for many wildlife conservation groups as it is the most trafficked mammal in the world.
In China and Vietnam, the pangolin is valued for its scales—which are used to make medicines—as well as for its meat.

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