Symptoms of coronavirus, by 22-year-old who tested positive

There have been hundreds of thousands of cases of the dreaded coronavirus globally, and although that feels like a scary number (which is certain to rise), relatively only a small proportion of people have actually experienced it so far.

But if you're wondering what getting coronavirus is really like, you might want to take a look at this Twitter thread by a 22-year-old woman in America who has been struck down by the contagious COVID-19 bug recently.

It's worth bearing in mind that coronavirus can manifest itself differently in different people - some may get severe symptoms, while others can be completely asymptotic. But in the interests of raising awareness, and "to relieve any stress/ anxiety some may have" about the pandemic, California-based Bjonda Haliti decided to share what she experienced.
The symptoms began, explained Bjonda, just like you've heard on the news. With a "dry cough". Which, just in case you weren't sure, the NHS describes as "tickly and doesn't produce any phlegm (thick mucus)".

The "mild" dry cough came accompanied by a "slightly sore throat", as well as some tiredness, the young woman shared. The following day it progressed to a headache and sore eyes, then a fever, and eventually - on day four - shortness of breath.

Bjonda was sick for around 10 days in total, at which point she received the test results that showed she did have coronavirus. She self-isolated throughout, and continues to do so, but says she feels "great and healthy" now.

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