Group laments plight of Igbo businessmen

THE sudden discovery of “Money laundering” and charges against Igbo Illustrious son Barrister Allen Onyema has left Igbo Nation in dilemma. Having come few weeks after his philanthropic gesture to stranded Nigerians in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks in the former apartheid, but now xenophobic country.

The question on the lips of all well-meaning Nigerians is; why now? Is this victimization coming from South Africa? Or is about 2023 Nigerian Presidency?

It could be recalled that the South African government had delayed in releasing Nigerians after Allen Onyema had provided free ride for our people. And on the other hand Allen Onyema is one of those being fingered as qualified to take over from President Buhari in 2023.

A statement by John Uche, President General, Igbo National Stakeholders’ Assembly, INSA, noted that Allen Onyema’s huge investment in the aviation industry had provided jobs for Nigerians and helped in alleviating poverty in the nation. I believe that he will be vindicated after the investigation as he has been known to be a law abiding citizen.

“I also hope that this is not a set up to rubbish his good image as was attempted on Innoson Motors CEO. If it is, Igbo will use every legal means available to resist it.

“Cletus Ibeto suffered the strangulation in his Cement business in Nigeria because he was seen as challenging a particular Northern businessman. Chief Innocent Chukwuma, Innoson motors Limited, suffered the same thing because he refused to relocate his Assembly Plant to Kaduna or Lagos instead of Nnewi and Ifeanyi Uba also followed suit. Our question is what is the sin of Ndigbo in Nigeria?” he said.

According to him, there is no doubt that strangulation and extermination has been declared on all Igbo businesses and it has been silently and systematically executed in Nigeria.

“Prove my words wrong and otherwise by giving the Igbo businessmen the opportunities given to Ahaji. Aliko Dangote in Nigeria and watch Nigeria to become the most developed and industrial Nation of Africa and the world.

“Every plot by any cabal to further humiliate Igbo Industrialists would be resisted. How many Industrialists in the north have been subjected to this embarrassment? None. Why Igbo every time? Must an Allen Onyema be humiliated because a Northerner wants to open an airline?

“I wish to advice Nigeria media and the general public to desist from giving him media trial. He is innocent until after conviction by a law court.

I wish him well and pray that justice will prevail in his case,” he said.

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