WASH project gets support in Bauchi

By Rita Michael

Heads of media organizations in Bauchi State have expressed their determination to support Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project for the promotion of economic development in the state.
Vote for WASH project is being implemented by WaterAID Nigeria with the aim of sensitizing the electorate to demand for social amenities from politicians seeking for their vote.
The pledge was made on Thursday when WaterAid team in collaboration with WASH media Network and NEWSAN paid courtesy visit to various media organizations in the state.
The General Manager of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Bauchi, Bilya Keffi, who described water as a strategic element in every human life, stressed the need for provision of portable water to every community.
He said, “The provision of social amenities is very crucial to all citizens especially water which is a very serious issue in Nigeria as many citizens lack access to clean water.
“Our politicians need to focus on provision of social amenities for development of our Nation rather than engaging in tribal and religious issues that bring conflict among the people,” he said.
Keffi commended WaterAid for initiating such project, saying it will go a long way to alleviating the suffering of the people because, according to him, the electorate need to be educated to demand for their right.
Also, the Managing Director of Bauchi State Television Authority (BATV), Ibrahim Idriss Shall, said that the project would change the behaviour of the people to know how to demand for WASH projects in their communities.
He said, “Demanding for WASH issues is very vital. Instead of receiving money and material things from politicians, our people should demand for projects that will better their lives.”
Besides, Wando, Akosu, WaterAid Stste Programme Lead, explained that Vote for WASH campaign is a project initiated to sensitize the electorate to demand for their right from intending electoral officers coming to seek for their votes.

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