Michael Jackson's former bodyguard recalls 'sneaking women into pop star's bedroom'

Michael Jackson’s bodyguard has revealed he used to sneak women into the late pop star’s bedroom.

In the aftermath of the Leaving Neverland documentary that saw Wade Robson and James Safechuck allege that Jackson molested them when they were younger, Matt Fiddes has spoken out about what went on in Jackson’s private life.

Insisting that he knew Jackson “so well”, Fiddes told the Metro: “He spent time with my children, he’s not the man he’s portrayed by James and Wade.”

“I felt after that, for my own legacy, it was time to speak out,” he added.Insisting that he wasn’t the man he’s been portrayed to be, Fiddes said: “This whole paedophile thing is complete nonsense. The guy had girlfriends and had a legitimate marriage to Lisa Marie [Presley], that was the way he lived his life.

“We were the people sneaking the girls into his room.”Fiddes also shared his opinion on the claims made by Robson and Safechuck that they were molested at Jackson’s Neverland ranch.

Insisting that Jackson was never there, he said: “They say there were boys around, that was not the case at all.

“He made Neverland how it was so he could have it for the Make A Wish foundation; something he could give back on.“We had a running joke he was never there. He had to be in Los Angeles to conduct business, it’s about four hours’ drive from the mountains and he hated the drive, so he was very rarely there.“He was there to make public appearances. He was much more comfortable at the Beverly Wiltshire in a suite.”

Shedding light on Jackson’s hectic schedule amid the time the incidents allegedly took place, Fiddes added: “If he was doing what he was doing to young kids he would never get any work done.

“He was already recording, performing and rehearsing, for him to be messing around with young kids would be impossible because of the security that was in place. It’s impossible.”

Jackson and his estate have always maintained the Thriller singer’s innocence against accusations of sexual misconduct with minors.

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