Yet, another failed political coup

By Kassim Afegbua

At what point did we descend to this level of unruly behaviour and sheer political hooliganism? At what point did we miss the compass that should ordinarily take us away from this Pharaoh era, where wickedness, primitiveness and prebendalism appear to be the only thematic focus of a privileged few, trying in their greed and self-aggrandizement, to perpectually ridicule our collective sufferance? We weep for our dear country. We shed tears of anguish and sorrow. We are pained by the gunpoint democracy that President Muhammadu Buhari has introduced to our body politic.
Even though a former coupist, we thought all these years of democratic engagements and orientation would have properly reintegrated him into our democratic system, to pull off the toga of militarism, but the reckless abuse and use of security forces to undermine our democracy now and then, speak otherwise.
Cry, cry, cry our beloved country. We say a loud NO in unison against this crass impunity and brutish display of uncontrollable power by agents of state against the Nigerian people.
We condemn the continued partisanship of the security agencies against the interest of Nigerians. We wish to insist that these categories of persons be denied visas or have their visas revoked on account of their anti-democratic conducts which have consistently threatened the very foundation of our fledgling democracy. We are alarmed by the recklessness which APC, a party that preaches change, has degenerated like a piece of idiocy in their devilish machinations to unseat properly constituted authority. This action of the APC against the Senate President, and its desperate plot to unseat him has permanently left a gory scar on our democracy.
APC has literally changed its name to ALL POLITICAL COUPISTS or better still; ALL PROGRESSIVES' COUPISTS, save that COUPISTS can never be progressives no matter their motive.
The sacking of the Director-General of the Directorate of State Services (DSS) is good riddance to bad rubbish. Rather than devote energies and synergies into the Boko Haram fight and other cases of insecurity to give Nigerians a new lease of life, the DSS under Lawan Musa Daura has become one of a partisan lot against the collective interest of the State and Nigerians.
Conveying masked operatives of the DSS to the hallowed ground of the National Assembly to subvert the will of the people against an arm of government is the most ridiculous conduct by trained Secret Service agents. In fact, the DSS has become more or less the armed wing of the APC.
Secondly, the Acting President should as a matter of urgency sack the Inspector General of Police who has also shown careless disdain against the Nigerian people. He has not only abused his discretionary powers, he has converted the Nigeria Police Force to the presidency Police Force. The Police have become object of ridicule and disgrace. They have undermined statutory authority of the National Assembly in a manner that desecrates democracy, rule of law, due process and civilised democratic conduct. We are ashamed that Nigeria has become global laughing stock and butt of jokes across the world. By the actions of the Inspector General of Police, Nigeria democracy has come under serious threat.
Let us for once instil some sanity in our democratic practices. Let us assume our role as the giant of Africa both in deeds and practice. We cannot afford to continue to tolerate these brazen abuses, invasions and drunken use of raw power against institution of democracy, in a 21st century world where the attraction should be more about development and growth.
. Afegbua is the
National publicity secretary,

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