How laud sex nearly caused death of security guard

On Monday, Baltimore County Police officers responded to a possible domestic disturbance at a Days Inn hotel. However, when they arrived, they were informed that what was occurring inside the hotel room was not a fight — it was two women having loud sex.
The romantic rendezvous ultimately ended with a security guard being shot at and a second-degree attempted murder charge for Allison Nicole Daughtrey, 34, according to charging documents obtained by WMAR.
Around 2 p.m., two clerks at the front desk of the Towson, Maryland, Days Inn received a phone call from one of the hotel's rooms. During the call, the workers believe they heard two people fighting in the background, which prompted the on-duty security guard to phone the Baltimore County Police Department.

When police arrived, the two women, who had been in the room in question, informed police that they were not fighting — they were having sex. The security guard requested that police remove them, and the children who were with them in another room, from the hotel.
As Daughtrey's girlfriend packed up their things, Daughtrey and the security guard began yelling at each other, the Baltimore Sun reports.
After the family was escorted to the parking lot, Daughtrey's girlfriend informed the officers that she left her cell phone in the room, and she was escorted back into the hotel to retrieve it. When the officer and woman returned, Daughtrey was no longer by the vehicle.
Shortly after, the responding officer reported hearing a gunshot in the hotel lobby. An employee ran from the hotel and informed officers that the security guard was holding down the shooter.
Daughtrey was arrested at the scene and ultimately charged with attempted second-degree murder, assault, reckless endangerment, destruction of property and gun charges.

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