How four bears took over barbershop owner's car

Be careful what you wish for.
One Kentucky man learned that the hard way after a family of bears commandeered his car while he was visiting the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
“I was telling my friends, ‘I want to see a bear, I want to see a bear, you know? Been lifting weights a little bit, want to see a bear, tussle with a bear,'” barbershop owner Chad Morris told local outlet 14 News.
But after returning to his parked car one day to discover not one, but four bears crawling around inside, he changed his mind.
“And it was like well, you get four on one, now what do you wanna do big boy?” he said.
“And I was like nah, I’ll pass.”
“You can see where the bear too a chunk out of the seat,” Morris told the news station, pointing out a corner of the driver’s seat that ripped.
“Of course my cup was right in the middle and that’s where they got a hold of the cup.” Luckily, the outside of Morris’ car wasn’t very visibly damaged.
“They took a chunk out of the driver seat, scratched up the football, chewed my coffee top on my shaker, but no scratches outside the car,” he said in a comment on Facebook about the encounter.
Morris’ wish to see a bear was granted, but he says he will be more careful from now on.
“I knew as soon as they got out and went down the hill, I put my windows up and they stayed up every time I parked,” he said.

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