Amina Zakari: Buhari’s admittance of relationship justifies our demand, says PDP

By Valentine Amanze

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organization (PPCO) has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s admittance that he has an
inter-marriage relationship with Mrs. Amina Zakari vindicated its
stance that she could not be trusted with the collation of the Presidential
election results.

The PPCO, via its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, also dared President Buhari to in the same vein, respond to
the respected elder statesman, Dr. Junaid Mohammed’s statement on the woman (Amina Zakari).
It would be recalled that elder statesman two years ago, in a media interview, disclosed that President Buhari, in his nepotism, nominated Amina Zakari, his niece, and pushed her appointment as commissioner to represent his interest in INEC.
The PDP group also pointed out that it was now clear that in addition to the relationship by affinity,
President Buhari also has a consanguinity relationship with Amina Zakari and has not denied that he started his early childhood in Amina Zakari’s father’s house.
“President Buhari’s admittance has effectively established that the PDP has not been crying wolf on the impropriety of involving Mrs. Amina Zakari in the collation of Presidential election results, let alone being appointed to head the final determination of the Presidential
Election,” the group said.
It also said that it was totally unethical and immoral for an umpire to insist on
officiating a contest even when her impartiality is called to question.
According to the group, even in the judiciary, judges recuse themselves in cases involving parties they have affinity with, stressing, “Mrs. Amina Zakari must therefore, recuse herself, if the 2019 presidential election must be credible.”

The PDP group further queried: “If, indeed, President Buhari is a man of integrity and is not pushing an ulterior motive with Amina Zakari, why is he insisting that she must be in INEC and that she must be at the collation of Presidential result?

“If President Buhari believes he is popular among Nigerians and can win in a free and fair contest, why is he fixated at
manipulating the electoral process, instead of allowing INEC to have a
free hand to conduct this election? His overbearingness on INEC is
portentous and we caution that such is pushing the nation to the brinks.
“We counsel Mr. President not to allow his personal interest and lust for power set our nation on fire.”

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