Saudi princess tried in absentia for Paris beating

The only daughter of Saudi Arabia's King Salman was put on trial in absentia Tuesday in Paris for allegedly ordering her bodyguard to strike a plumber she suspected of taking photos and video at the Saudi royal family's apartment in the French capital.

Prosecutors allege Princess Hessa bint Salman became enraged when she saw the plumber allegedly capturing her image, fearing the pictures could be used to harm her as the Saudi monarch's daughter due to her country's conservative traditions.

Woman who 'died' for 27 minutes writes chilling note after she's resuscitated


An Arizona woman who "died" for a total of 27 minutes asked for a notepad after she was resuscitated to share an urgent message about the afterlife, her family claims.

Madie Johnson took to Instagram last month to share photos of her new tattoo, modeled off a note written by her aunt, Tina Hines, who suffered a massive heart attack in February 2018.

Is U.S., global North trying to silence Africa at climate talks? – Nnimmo Bassey

By Valentine Amanze

How couple sexually abused teenage girl

.Wife wanted husband to 'get it out of his system'

A married Pennsylvania couple who were both teachers were convicted of sexually assaulting a female teenage student who came forward in 2018 about her years of abuse.

PEOPLE confirms with prosecutors that on Wednesday, Nick and Ruth Baggetta were convicted of single counts of institutional sexual assault, endangering a welfare of a child, corruption of minor and furnishing alcohol to minors.

In addition, Ruth was found guilty on a fifth count of failure to report child abuse.

Spain's top court convicts 5 men in gang rape case

Spain's Supreme Court on Friday overruled two lower courts and sentenced five men to 15 years in prison for raping an 18-year-old woman.

The case had triggered an outcry because the lower courts last year convicted the men of the lesser crime of sexual abuse and handed down nine-year sentences.

The public prosecutor, the victim and regional authorities appealed to the Supreme Court, asking for a rape conviction and longer sentences. The men's lawyers wanted them acquitted, arguing that the woman consented.

Iran renews nuclear pact ultimatum amid tensions with U.S.

Iran will continue scaling back compliance with a nuclear deal unless other signatories to the pact show "positive signals", the Iranian president said on Saturday as tensions with the United States escalated over tanker attacks in the Gulf region.

Iran stopped complying in May with some commitments in the 2015 nuclear deal that was agreed with global powers, after the United States unilaterally withdrew from the accord in 2018 and ratcheted up sanctions on Tehran.

Woman who was given three days to live at birth graduates from college


A New York woman who was given just three days to live when she was born has far exceeded expectations by recently graduating from college, according to WABC.

Last Wednesday, Nekhidia Harris, 24, graduated from Medgar Evers College with honors and walked across stage at the Barclays Centre.
"I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is really, really happening,'" she told the station. "Oh my gosh, I thank God every day."

Huawei turns to Africa to offset U.S. blacklist

As the U.S. leads a drive for the West to shun Huawei over security fears, the Chinese tech giant has sought to strengthen its position in Africa, where it is already well-established. Huawei has taken a leading role in developing next-generation 5G mobile phone networks around the world.
Russian President Vladimir Putin weighed in on Friday, slamming Washington's attempt to "unceremoniously push" Huawei out of the global market.

Russia vs. Israel: The war that could become a nuclear disaster

There are deconfliction mechanisms in place, including a hotline between the Israeli and Russian militaries.
“We are very strict about informing the Russians about our activities and that their operational picture is up to date,” said the IDF official.
Yet those procedures were not sufficient to avoid a downing of a Russian plane.

Could Israeli air strikes in Syria trigger war between Israel and Russia?

How four bears took over barbershop owner's car

Be careful what you wish for.
One Kentucky man learned that the hard way after a family of bears commandeered his car while he was visiting the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
“I was telling my friends, ‘I want to see a bear, I want to see a bear, you know? Been lifting weights a little bit, want to see a bear, tussle with a bear,'” barbershop owner Chad Morris told local outlet 14 News.
But after returning to his parked car one day to discover not one, but four bears crawling around inside, he changed his mind.