Ghost of late son visits family

.Mom shocked as security camera captures image

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stirs controversy over ‘Snowflake Generation’

We can smell what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is cooking and apparently, it’s controversy.

Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada

By Reuters

An 18-year-old Saudi woman who fled her family saying she feared for her life has been granted asylum in Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday, as Thai officials confirmed the teen was en route to Toronto.

$20m donated to viral border wall GoFundMe set to be refunded

The $20 million that have been donated to a GoFundMe page to help fund President Donald Trump's wall along the southern border are going to be refunded.
Air Force veteran, Brian Kolfage Jr., who started the campaign, announced on Friday he had formed a non-profit in Florida to receive money from GoFundMe contributions to build the wall himself with a team of officials without the help of the federal government.

Gabon thwarts military coup attempt in President's absence

Gabon foiled an attempted military coup on Monday, arresting several plotters just hours after they took over state radio in a bid to end 50 years of rule by President Ali Bongo's family.

Government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou told Reuters that four of the five officers involved were arrested in the capital Libreville. A fifth officer fled and is being pursued, he said.

Vatican spokesman, deputy, resign over strategy differences

The Vatican spokesman and his deputy resigned on Monday over disagreements on strategy, ending a year of upheaval in the Holy See's communications structure.

A brief Vatican statement gave no reason for the resignations. Spokesman Greg Burke, an American, tweeted that he and his Spanish deputy, Paloma Garcia Ovejero, had quit to let Pope Francis appoint a new team in what was a "time of transition".

A Vatican source said both Burke and Ovejero had wanted more autonomy from the Vatican department that oversees all communications, known as the Dicastery for Communications.

Pogba leads resurgent Man United to 4-1 win over Bournemouth


Married woman who’s been cheating for six years

This week, a woman in love with two different men: 36, straight, married, emergency medicine, Long Island.


7:50 a.m. Wake up and check my phone immediately to see if M sent me an early morning text. Nothing. I hate the weekends. His wife checks his work phone and personal phone like a lunatic (we’ve always communicated on his work phone). I find it bizarre — if you’re that insecure, why are you married?

Pope Francis urges predator priests to turn themselves in, face justice

Pope Francis has urged priests who have raped and molested children to turn themselves in and prepare for “divine justice,” in his strongest condemnations yet of the Roman Catholic Church’s sexual abuse crisis.
The pope pledged that the church would “never again” cover up or dismiss sexual abuse cases.
“To those who abuse minors I would say this: convert and hand yourself over to human justice, and prepare for divine justice,” Francis said during his Christmas address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration, Reuters reported.

Pope accepts US bishop's resignation over 'misconduct' with minor

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Los Angeles auxiliary bishop Alexander Salazar over his "misconduct" with a minor, the Vatican said Wednesday.

The case is the latest in a litany of child sexual abuse scandals to have rocked the Roman Catholic Church and its 1.3 billion followers around the world.

Pope Francis has struggled to resolve the problem as the steady drip of scandal corrodes the church's authority but fresh cases surface regularly against a background of sharp divisions in Rome over the issue.