Sallah: Ram sellers lament poor sales

  • Posted on: 9 September 2016
  • By: editor

By Ummi Ismaeel

Barely forty-eight hours to the Sallah celebration, ram sellers and other domestic animals have lamented what they described as low patronage.
Apparently due to the nation’s current economic recession, most prospective customers only inquire about the cost while only few turn up as genuine buyers, including those in government circle who usually negotiate in bulk for distribution to selected personalities in the state.
Unlike the usual crowded atmosphere whereby many buyers besiege some popular ram selling spots like the; U. K. Bello Arts Theatre, Bosso Road opposite the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, police headquarters junction, western by-pass, the customers’ presence in these areas has drastically reduced.
Our correspondent who visited some of the spots, observed few buyers and large number of rams.
One of the dealers, Idrisu Wakil, who said he came from Sokoto, expecting to make good sales as he depended on commission, lamented that they were not being patronized by customers because of bad economy.
Idrisu said, “We used to have huge sales but now it is difficult to sell one. People come here to ask for prize but don’t come back after to buy. They complained that they did not have money.
“We sell small ram between N25, 000 and above and the big one between N80, 000 and N100, 000 but many people are not buying after asking about the price.”
Idrisu added that as a family man that he was expecting to make good sales to take something home for the family.
However, attention seems to have been shifted to both local and domesticated chicken, as an alternative to rams for those who cannot afford it for the coming Sallah as attested to by an adherent of the Islamic faith in Niger State, Mohammed Ndagi.
prices of tomatoes, pepper, assorted vegetables and other perishable condiments needed for cooking during the Sallah celebration have slightly gone up in most markets within and around Minna, the state capital, with records of influx of customers and pick-pockets stealing from unsuspecting buyers/sellers.