Revolution looms in Nigeria, says Methodist prelate

  • Posted on: 10 June 2017
  • By: editor

The Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Chukwuma Kalu, has predicted a revolution in Nigeria, which the government could not contain  if nothing was done to address the hardship in the country.

The prelate spoke in Umuahia at the ongoing 35th Methodist Conference of Bishop Council in the state.

 He advised the government to holistically ameliorate the present economic challenges in the country before the citizenry will revolt.

" I foresee a revolution that government cannot contain if the harsh economic condition of Nigerians continues. Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb if the welfare of the masses is not addressed. There may be a revolution in Nigeria.

" If the leaders are suffering and living with some deprivations we will tolerate it but most of them are living flamboyant lives thus creating a big gap between the rich and the poor.

"Seventy per cent of Nigerians live below poverty level and five per cent live affluent lives; these are the greedy ones who looted Nigeria's treasury. They are also the sponsors of Boko Haram and militants.

"In America, youths are provided for and the idea of roaming about the streets is not there but in Nigeria our youths are turned into hawkers, area boys and the almajiris. All these were caused by the maladministration of the ruling class.

"The church is seeking for a good welfare package for the Nigeria workers. Youths who graduated ways back have no job and that has given rise to all sorts of crime.

"If there is employment and regular payment of salary the crime wave would have drastically reduced. Most of the crimes in Nigeria are traceable to the neglect of youths by our leaders.”