Restructuring call is to divert anti-corruption agenda, says Odekunle

  • Posted on: 13 September 2017
  • By: editor

Foremost Professor of Criminology, Femi Odekunle, has said that the present call for restructuring of Nigeria was a move by the elite to divert the narrative from the fight against corruption.
Also he said that the timing for the appeal for restructuring was wrong and the purpose suspect.
Odekunle, who is a member, Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption, said that what the country needed at the moment was socio-economic restructuring that would empower both the poor and middle class.
He spoke on Tuesday at Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Good morning Nigeria programme (NTAGMN).
Said Odekunle, “For me the current pressure on the call for restructuring of the country is a subtle move by the elite to change the narrative away from corruption.
“The purpose is suspect and doubtful and the timing wrong. I am not against restructuring but if we must have any I suggest it should be that of socio-economic restructuring that will benefit even the less-privileged.
“I want a situation where the farmers, the civil servants etc. can be made to benefit better and upgraded economically rather than some people rallying under restructuring boggy for selfish advantage.
“The elite want to change the narrative dominant theme of national conversation from corruption crusade. Nigeria should not take its unity for granted.
“The elite want to decentralize and localize areas of operation for their advantage and I do not think it is the type of restructuring we want now”.