PDP chieftain applauds Makarfi’s decision not to hold parallel congress in Anambra

  • Posted on: 12 April 2017
  • By: editor

By Rita Michael



 Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Abdullahi Jalo, has applauded the decision of the National Caretaker Chairman of the party, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, not hold a parallel congress in Anambra State. It will be recalled that the National Chairman of the party, Senator

Ali Modu Sheriff, on Monday met with PDP chieftains in Anambra State, where they discussed the forthcoming election. Speaking with journalists in Bauchi on Wednesday on the party crisis, Jalo said that the decision of Makarfi not to hold parallel congress demonstrated that he obeys the rule of law and loves the PDP. Jalo recalled that the caretaker committee led by Maikarfi had appealed the judgment of the Appeal Court in Port Harcourt,  explaining that the case is now at the Supreme Court while Maikarfi and his supporters are waiting for the brief is which is coming up on May 4, 2017.

"We cannot disobey the Supreme Court judges by saying we will not be patience. The Supreme Court has not given an order that Ali Modu Sheriff is not the National Chairman of the PDP. We respect the law of the land. We have appealed but because of the respect we have for the Supreme Court we cannot do anything until this appeal has been argued and listened to according to the wisdom of the Supreme Court," he said. Jalo expressed optimism that the Supreme Court judgment would give Maikarfi victory.

He expressed misgivings about the current tour being embarked upon by the Sheriff led faction to Anambra and some PDP

controlled states in the South, saying that the move was meant to weaken the party ahead of 2019. He added, "It is meant to weaken the PDP in these various states so that even if there is going to be election PDP will not win as we all know what the outing of Ali Modu Sheriff in Edo and Ondo states was. “In Ondo he placed Jimoh Ibrahim as the candidate of the PDP while he

went round telling his supporters to vote for the APC. It is not surprising that their sponsors are asking them to go on tour and then this tour even if PDP likes it or not they will do it with the aide of security agents so that they will not go around harassing them. “They are merchandised politicians for APC. You cannot stop them

because they are moving with APC. They are doing all these things to make sure they destroy the PDP and now they have got the right persons to do the dirty job; that is Ali Modu Sheriff and Cairo Ojougbo.” Jalo however expressed optimism that despite the crisis rocking the PDP, the opposition party remains a better alternative, saying the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has failed Nigerians. "If APC contests election tomorrow definitely they are going to lose. When a party is performing the people will say so. Today they don’t even want to use the word Change because even their leaders are afraid to use the word Change mantra because it has become something else. It is glaring that they are not capable to effect the change or making any impact. So people are now saying our slogan Change the

Change and are ready to change the so called change", he said.