Obi's aide confirms search of ex-governor’s apartment by the EFCC

  • Posted on: 18 April 2017
  • By: editor

The media aide to the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has confirmed the searching by the EFCC of the Flat 1 occupied by Obi in the building where the agency discovered large sums of money - Flat 7.


 Obienyem, who revealed that the ex-governor is resident in Onitsha, said that the rented apartment by Obi’s wife was usually where the former governor stayed anytime he was in Lagos.

Obienyem who cautioned against mischief makers seeking fault in Obi, made pointed out that the tenants in the building were also searched.

"Even though Mr. and Mrs Obi had  travelled to the USA and the U.K., when we relayed the message of the  search to him, he quickly sent the keys to the 4-bedroom apartment to the EFCC via courier.  He even left instructions that we should allow them to also search his Onitsha residence should there be need for that. After the thorough search, nothing was found in the apartment", Obienyem said.

Obienyem said that during the search that one of the operatives of the EFCC was overheard  doubting if the apartment had anything to do with Obi, citing the fact that it was the simplest in terms of furnishing, whereupon one of them told him "ebi like say you no no the man? You no no say the man still dey enter economy for plane; dey sleep in cheap hotels and no dey chop money nor allow those close to him to chop. Which kind Governor or him wife go come rent apartment  built by follow former governor after governing a state for eight years? Dey say apart from being a firmer governor, the man dey wealthy. "