Kogi: Man to die over murder of two people

  • Posted on: 3 April 2017
  • By: editor

The Kogi State High Court sitting in Koton-arfi, Kogi Local Government Area has sentenced Ibrahim Muhammed to death, for killing two siblings and burying their corpses in his compound.

The accused who was tried in the court by Justice Ajileye Alaba for robbery and culpable homicide of the two brothers, Mohammed Kudu Abubakar and Umar Tanko Abubakar has been found guilty of the charges..

Justice Alaba while reading his ruling said the police’s first information report read that the accused, Ibrahim Muhammed in January 2016, robbed Tanko Abubakar and his brother Ibrahim Mohammed of his Toyota Carina Wagon with registration number Niger BDA 902 AA and thereby, committed an offence punishable under section 298(a) of the panel code.

He said according to the police report, the accused also poisoned the two brothers, and then killed them by hitting them on the head with a pestle when the poison failed to react quickly and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 221(a) of the panel code.

Though the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges, but the presiding judge Justice Alaba said he holds that, after poisoning the two brothers as the accused confessed, in his downright criminality, he hit their heads with a pestle (Exhibit p7) to hasten their annihilation and in order to avoid any trace of his brutal and inhuman act, the accused buried the bodies of the brothers in his compound

The judge commended the investigatory dexterity of the Special Anti-Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria police Kogi state, that exposed the hidden crime.

He further referred to the act as a brutal homicide committed with determination and ruthlessness..

He noted that the manner the accused person committed crime and by virtue of his description, makes it high level of exceptional wickedness that can only be properly marked by death sentence..

At the end, the counsel to the government Barr. Mathew Eguche applauded the court for the judgement while the counsel to the accused, Barr. Henry Akunebu said the judgement manifested what the law is.

Although the incident may have happened a year ago but the family of the deceased got justice.